What is interactive content

Interactive cinema examples

Interactive cinema is a type of art that tries to give the audience an active role in the viewing of cinematographic films. As a basis, it has to give importance to an active role of the viewer to complete the story.

The avant-garde was born with the renewed technological society of the 20th century. Because of new thinking, art is also transformed. Different aesthetic and artistic contributions were based on constant innovation and internationalism.

In this context, the cinema manages to reach new conceptions of it. It is the era of modernity, in which filmmakers such as Godard or Truffaut will leave behind the models of classicism. Through these new concepts, interactive cinema will take its first steps. There were the first steps with the so-called Expanded Cinema, which wanted to give importance to the sensory sense through wraparound screens, or the Sensorama, cinema for a single spectator.

In the novel «The Fourth Wall»,[6] the plot of the author Walter Jon Williams revolves around a modern Hollywood movie with a similar vision to the choice between plots. At one point, Williams’ main characters watch and discuss the Kinoautomat, claiming that the limited interactivity was intended as political commentary on the rigged elections under the communist regime.

What is interactive digital content?

Interactive content is content that encourages users to actively interact with it rather than passively consume it. It includes quizzes, calculators, tools and more. This content contains elements that users actively manipulate and interact with on your website.

What are interactive actions?

What are interactive activities? These activities allow you to present the contents in a dynamic way, allowing you to interact with the information presented. The actions your students perform with the content can be accompanied by feedback that you can customize to your liking.

What are interactive products?

What is an interactive multimedia product? Interactive content is content that allows the user to perform an action on it. That is to say, content that requires the audience to get actively involved through different actions: swiping the mouse, clicking, touching the image, checking a box…

Interactive cinema for children

If you have come this far, you are thinking that your company needs a corporate video. Connect in a different way through interactive videos: highlight your brand, your company’s mission and values… You can even show the facilities through a virtual tour. Your goal is to attract more customers, more visibility for your company and improve brand awareness.

We offer you the best service to broadcast in streaming via web or social networks, so that everyone can attend your event. But don’t just think of an event as a conference or a presentation, streaming can also be used as a «private sale» for your products. This way you can offer a selection of products, present them and provide an exclusive promotion during the limited time of your streaming event… You still can’t imagine what you can achieve?

In addition, this interaction increases the possibility of product or brand recall. On the other hand, being able to include «calls to action» within the video marketing will make the user have more opportunities to purchase or request a service.

Cinema 4dx

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This tool is very interesting to create animated images, tutorials and presentations for free. With the advantage that it allows us to access a library of images and objects that we can include in our video, such as text, images or voiceovers. When we have finished creating the video, we can share it on social networks or download them to view them without an Internet connection.

Thanks to its simple and intuitive operation, this tool allows us to create animated presentations for those who have little knowledge in the field. In addition, we can join images and videos to create interactive videos on any topic that get the attention of our audience.

Vibby allows us to identify the most important parts of each video from videos created on Youtube. This way, we can go to the part that interests us the most. In addition, it allows to divide the videos into sections and navigate through each of them and allows users to comment on each part.

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Enrich 360 and normal images with interactions such as descriptions, videos, sounds or questions to give your students a sense of exploration and learning within a realistic environment.Content created by Joubel

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