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knowledge and expertise of its customer service team, enabling clients to achieve greater online visibility while measuring and maximizing the return on their online marketing investment.

After a comprehensive analysis of companies offering web analytics solutions, we chose etracker because we were convinced by the depth and accuracy of the evaluations and the clarity and flexibility of the data presentation. etracker

Following a comprehensive analysis of web controlling solution suppliers, we decided in favor of etracker. What won us over was the depth and accuracy of the analyses as well as the clear and flexible ways to display the data.

What are search engines in marketing?

Search engine marketing (abbreviated as SEM) offers you a way to show your ads to these future customers in the places that matter: in the top positions on the first page of search results. You set your own budget and pay only when the ad is clicked.

What is SEM or search engine marketing?

What is SEM or Search Engine Marketing

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is a practice that improves the visibility of a brand through paid marketing actions. Therefore, we talk about the fact of making paid ads on search engines.

What does SEO marketing do?

SEO is a combination of marketing, sociology and a technical part that nowadays is fundamental in any digital strategy. SEO professionals understand how users perform their searches and implement website improvements to increase traffic.

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If we talk about qualities, we can say that a good SEO Manager is proactive and curious, since the evolution of search engines is constant and has to be continuously recycled. The profiles are very different: from computer engineers to experts in business, marketing and telecommunications, through journalists, etc..

There is no university degree that validates you to be an SEO Manager or SEO specialist, as it is a very practical profession that requires testing, forecasting and analytics. Rather, we are talking about a specialization. Therefore, if you are thinking of dedicating yourself to the world of SEO, read on and find out what are its functions in the company, what qualities it has and the keys to become a true search engine optimization professional.

In general, the work of an SEO Manager is focused on attracting organic traffic and increasing the revenue of a website. However, this professional figure has been changing and adapting to the new search engine algorithms. Thus, the SEO Manager has had to acquire additional skills and be at the same time a content optimizer, take into account the user experience and make decisions related to digital strategy, as well as being creative and educator in order to survive in this world.

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Through our Market Research division, we successfully combine different market research methodologies, the use of our own technology and a team of specialists to obtain real and truthful information that we transform into Market Intelligence for our clients.

The average experience of our professional team far exceeds the average figures for the sector. Combining experience and fresh ideas from new incorporations guarantees a quality service.

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Click Through Ratio (Click Through Ratio). It is calculated by dividing clicks by impressions. For example, 5% means that one person in twenty clicks on the ad. It depends on the sector, the competition, the quality of the ad… It is impossible to establish an average CTR.

These adaptive ads are displayed on a network of more than two million websites and applications.  With them, you can reach 90% of Internet users. These ads are associated with content related to your company or your customers’ interests. They are ideal for retargeting.