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Websites created starting from the beginning: knowing the business objectives. And we create them thinking about the target audience, corporate image, SEO, … with the most advanced programs to create the best website for your business, including the development of e-commerce stores.

We make a complete initial general analysis of the business, focusing on marketing and internet. We elaborate the best strategy according to the objectives of your business, applying it in the supports of your company on the Internet.

We take care of the technical maintenance of the website and the management of improvements and changes to the website. We also manage the maintenance of other internet supports in which your company or business is present.

The laws and regulations affect the websites and the companies that own them. We zealously comply with all laws and regulations in the websites we create and maintain. Absolute peace of mind for our clients

Extensive experience working with SMEs, freelancers, professionals, businesses, … We know, from our experience and from what our customers tell us, that it is difficult for these types of companies and entrepreneurs to have all the necessary means to be on the Internet in optimal conditions and maintain continuity in them. That is why we have developed a specific project with which we can offer solutions 100% adapted to your business:

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knowledge and expertise of its customer service team, enabling clients to achieve greater online visibility while measuring and maximizing the return on their online marketing investment.

After a comprehensive analysis of companies offering Web Analytics solutions, we chose etracker because we were convinced by the depth and accuracy of the evaluations and the clarity and flexibility of the data presentation. etracker

Following a comprehensive analysis of web controlling solution suppliers, we decided in favor of etracker. What won us over was the depth and accuracy of the analyses as well as the clear and flexible ways to display the data.

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Here you will be able to understand some terms used in the SEO sector. If you have more questions we are at your disposal. Remember that our mission, apart from generating profits, is to guide and train you so that you don’t miss anything. This sector is full of «slime» so it is not bad to have an ally nearby.

Our budgets are based on what you need. A good Local SEO strategy is an investment that will allow you to increase turnover and save a lot of advertising costs in the long run.

There are many common SEO mistakes, but some of the most common are not using keywords in titles, not using enough keywords in all content and not optimizing images. Another big mistake is building links to pages that are not relevant to the site.

Hiring an SEO company has many benefits, such as increasing website traffic, improving keyword rankings, and increasing leads and sales. However, it is important to research and select an SEO company that has a good reputation and track record of success.

How to make a sem strategy

Through our Market Research division, we successfully combine different market research methodologies, the use of our own technology and a team of specialists to obtain real and truthful information that we transform into Market Intelligence for our clients.

The average experience of our professional team far exceeds the average figures for the sector. Combining experience and fresh ideas from new incorporations guarantees a quality service.